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If God Was a Chef

If God Was a Chef

Thought provoking question isn’t it? Well, we have seen all sorts of diets rise to popularity, just read the magazines at the checkout counter in your neighborhood grocery store. You will see that Shape, Weight Watchers, Woman’s Day and all the other mainstream magazines have a plethora of diets. Do they work? Well, people have had some success with them. For others, it provided a positive change that allowed them to go on to something else. And still others failed.

My thought is that there are all kinds of food throughout the world and our culture plays a big role in what we eat. And agriculturally speaking, the region that we live in can only grow certain foods. Sometimes we have to get fruits and vegetables from other countries.

It may be surprising to a lot of you, but God has a plan for what you eat and when you eat. There are many things in the Word of God to support that. I want to give you some instances that have several meanings. God told Israel what animals were clean and unclean (Leviticus 11). Now there is an age-old argument between vegetarians and meat eaters as to whether it is a sin or not to eat meat. I am not here to debate that.

I want you to get in your mind that God has a plan for each of us individually speaking. Your footsteps and where you have traveled throughout your life makes a difference in what you are confronted with in life. Perhaps you have health issues or weight issues. But again, God has a plan and knows what you should be eating. A lot of us are depleted in our minerals because of the soil. We eat sub-standard foods, fast food and sometimes conventional fruits and vegetable with pesticides on them. Some of us subscribe to an organic diet. I am on that track. There are various reasons and various arguments for organic and I won’t debate that.

Although it had a very deep spiritual reasoning behind it, God told Israel how to eat in the natural by designating clean and unclean animals. God said in Ezekiel 47:12 that the trees would be our medicine. Because He designed and created the human body He has the blueprint and knows exactly what we need to feed the beautiful computer He created called you. He knows the minerals and vitamins you need. Vegetables and fruits are high in water content and vitamins and minerals. Your body was created to heal itself; the problem is that when we eat all these processed foods, it is difficult for our bodies to break that stuff down because it was not made for our bodies. It begins to affect us health-wise eventually. If we go and begin to slowly remove processed foods from our diets and add fresh fruits and vegetables, in their raw state is optimal, then you will start to see your body change slowly but surely.
So the question is why did God make fruits and vegetable? What does He know that we don’t know because we have been listening to society? The Bible talks about how man left to his own devices will destroy himself (Psalm 81:12).

Science is always trying to figure out what are the best foods to eat and they fall short. Don’t hold them responsible for your health. You and God together are responsible for your health. He gave you fruits and vegetables and a beautiful earth! Get out and walk and keep your body mobile. Let walking be your exercise, you don’t have to run and put all that weight on your knees. Doctors and others have said that they have noticed after running for years; people have done a lot of damage to their legs and joints. So walk, it is a natural thing for us. Running is not, it is part of the innate fight or flight response. Now this is my opinion on running versus walking but do your own research. You will see that what I am saying makes a lot of sense. I know doing 5K and 10K runs is a trend in society now and I am not saying don’t do it if you like it. I am talking about feeling like you have to run on a daily basis to get effective exercise. Walking can do it for you. Walk a mile or two a day and you will lose weight if you change your diet.

Go to God and ask what you need to eat for your body because I assure you man is going to keep switching up what is good or bad in their opinion. If you put your trust in science you will become mixed up. I remember a time when they said that eating tofu was so good for you, especially for balancing hormones. Tofu was “the” thing and lauded as the best alternative to meat when it was said that people were eating too much meat (Which I agree the American diet has too much meat in it. I personally don’t eat any meat, any flesh at all because God told me to stop. It wasn’t something I just decided to do, I did it because of God and my life has changed because if it. God used that to heal me of a lot of conditions that were robbing my health and strength.) But as soon as people started to really get into using tofu, they started saying that it was difficult for the body to break down tofu. So then they started to encourage you to not eat tofu. Then they changed their minds again and said there is a certain type of tofu you need.

My point is they don’t have the answers you need. You need to go to God and ask what you need to be eating. That would be the wisest choice. The Bible says that wisdom is known by her children (Luke 7:35).

John 3:16 says, “For God so loved the world that he gave his only Son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life.” Can I tell you something? It already said that He loves you, in fact, it says He so loved you. If you are living in this world, you are part of the world that He so loves. I am telling you God is the only One who can tell you what you need to be eating. Don’t give Him any rest until He tells you what you need to remove from your diet and what you need to incorporate into your diet. And then listen. You can do it. If God told you to do it, then He will give you the ability to do it. Just TRUST Him.
Dr. Diana

Dead Land

Dead Land

We are living in very cataclysmic times. The presidential campaign, police shootings, and random violence against people are all trying to reveal something to us that is going on in the background. There are people who know there is a major transfer or shift going on spiritually. These things are like a portal. Though not understood by much of the world that’s experiencing it, all of it is part of a major plan. It is like an usher in the church that guides you from the door to the seat that has been allocated for you to be in during the services. What’s going on has been pre-designed by God and has great significance.

To understand these things, the Bible says we have to live in the spirit and not walk according to the flesh. Because if you walk according to the flesh, you will only do things that pertain to that world. But when you walk in the spirit, you get to learn about the things of God and perceive things that living absent from God wouldn’t allow. As you walk in obedience to God seeking Him diligently, you will get a reward (Hebrews 11;6). Your perception will increase and He will reveal things to you that you otherwise could not find out. There’s not a doctor, scientist, attorney or friend that could reveal these things to you.

Christ Jesus is the door of opportunity that has been created by God to give you a chance to move from out of all of this violence in the world into the place of hope, understanding, love, and protection. God has promised protection to those who seek Him and bring Him into their house and their life. Just look at one of the greatest stories every told. If you are around my age, you got to see Charlton Heston play Moses and Yul Brynner play Pharaoh in The Ten Commandments. Some of it was altered to make the movie flow but the bulk of the movie was accurate and the story itself is real. The intent was to show how God was delivering a nation, Israel, from slavery or captivity. The words are synonymous. The Jews did not perceive that God would have taken them through a sea by dividing the water and walking them to safety on dry land. The natural man would have never guessed or understood that escape route existed, (Exodus 14).

God is still doing that right now. This presidential campaign with Trump and Clinton and all the other players is prophetic. It was meant to go this way. Donald Trump is a type of the world. He spews all of the arrogance and carnality that goes on in the world on a daily basis. In his opinions, you hear everything we have been confronted with over the decades. Various generations can tell you things that have taken place in their lifetime.

I am just giving you the surface but it is for you to go deeper and look for God and you don’t have to go buying every religious book in the store to find Him. You don’t have to go to your parents and ask them how to find God. God is real and inhabits every inch of this world on purpose so you can find Him if you really look for Him. But you have to seek Him from your heart because from out of the mouth the heart speaks (Luke 6:45).

Don’t look for Trump to be the answer. He is just a pawn being used to show the state of the world and the thoughts of the world we live in. We can see the mind and heart of many people in this world through what he spews. As I said earlier, this is all cataclysmic. Even Hillary. Her role is significant. Her womanhood has a major purpose. But again the natural man will see one way and the spiritual man that walks with God and has the Holy Spirit will see it another way.
Remember there is only one way to God the Father and that is through Jesus Christ. He’s made that very clear throughout the Bible. Try it any other way and you will not get God but only confusion. So prayer is going to be the thing that helps you. Don’t say you don’t know how to pray because all you have to do is talk to God from the heart and tell Him what you need. And what you are willing to do for Him. That you are willing to give over everything you have: home, kids, and yourself to Him for His use. Do that and watch change prevail in your life.

Be blessed!
Dr. Diana



My eldest son, starting smoking marijuana when he was a teenager and although he is a good-hearted individual he became bound by and his personality changed under its influence. The demonic spirits that had a hold on him were able to come through when he used marijuana. I know a lot of you think marijuana is OK but it isn’t. You say it is an herb because that is the propaganda that this world has fed us. It is an herb but they are trying to say it is harmless. It is not harmless, it kills brain cells. Everything has a purpose, even satan and demons. People say why did God put marijuana here? Well why did He put satan here? Satan was once Lucifer, an archangel beautifully formed who use to serve God. But eventually fell by pride and his own desire to walk away and do things the way he wanted. That’s why the world is in the state it is in now because people are doing whatever they want and if you are following it outside of God that is a problem.

Getting back to eating, ask God what and how you should eat. When I say diet I mean lifestyle. Ask God what your diet should be. I have eaten a vegetarian diet since 2000 and now it has become vegan. I believe when God told me to stop eating meat, He was helping to save my life. Just a couple of years after that, a tumor was discovered in my colon. I believe my eating played a major role in me getting that tumor. Why do I say that?

After I had the surgery where they cut the tumor out of my colon, I was on bed rest for 30 days. I didn’t do anything but get up to go to the bathroom when I needed to. I got a little depressed because I still had pain and I thought the surgery would get rid of the pain but it didn’t. So during lunch, I started having just a little chicken along with my salad and vegetables. Within a week or two, I felt this pressure like something was pressing on my bladder. Long story short, in that 30 day period a 13 cm cyst had grown inside of me. It was so large that the doctor could feel it without even having to use a sonogram to see it. The doctor said I did something because this was not there during or right after the surgery. But I told her I been in the bed for the last thirty days. But then I remembered to tell her that the only thing I did differently was eat a little meat. And the doctor said that was it! The meat caused the tumor to grow. It has to do with the kind of protein that meat is that caused the growth. So I told her that I didn’t plan on starting to eat meat, I just did it in a moment of frustration so I will stop. She said it may go down some then but not that much because it was so big. So they wanted to do another surgery, just thirty days after the last one. I said I need to ask God. God told me He would dissolve it. I told the doctor and she just kept saying I need the surgery or else I will be uncomfortable. I did not have the surgery.

Once again everyone, I believed God. The tumor disappeared. I don’t know when but I went back to the doctor a year later and the sonogram showed it was gone. I stopped eating meat the day she said the tumor was there. I was healed and you can be too. You don’t have to hear Him audibly like I do but He has promised us healing in the Bible. He said He is the Lord that heals you (Exodus 15:26). The Bible says by His stripes you are healed (Isaiah 53:5). He will heal you if you give your life to Him and then go to Him about your health in all truth and honesty. Then just stand on the healing scriptures in the Bible. Get the scripture, “I am the God that heals you.,” and put it somewhere you can see it day in and day out. Talk to God and thank Him for your healing. Tell people how God is healing you. Believe God and watch Him perform in your life.

Thank you for reading these articles by the way. Thank you for being willing to seek God with your heart. I love you and so does He! Be blessed!
Dr. Diana